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Use the Global Citizenship Registration v3.0 Form

Complete the form below so your name can be registered in the Global Citizenship Registry located in Sweden. Please read the instructions carefully and answer all questions truthfully, this is a legal document. You must provide a valid PayPal Transaction ID (PPT-ID) number or Donation ID Number to complete this form.

If you enter incorrect or erroneous information your registration may be delayed or deleted, only one form should be completed while signed into Google or Gmail.

To complete this form using a mobile device or an iMac please use the linked form after you have acquired your PPT-ID.

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Pay 33Euro to establish an international legal relationship and to acquire a PayPal Transaction ID (PPT-ID) to register for non-state global citizenship.
Record your PPT-ID and keep it secure, it acts as a permanent key combined with a Registry ID number to generate your IDaaS Credential.